We provide a range of professional, affordable, local private health treatments.

These include:-
Vasectomy and removal of lumps and bumps

In a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, in a local clinic with short waiting times

Full pre and post-operative information is provided to patients before their procedure so that they know exactly what to expect

We treat

Vasectomy operations, including pre-operative counselling
Cherry angioma /Campbell de Morgan spots
Cysts (seb cysts, pilar and epidermoid cysts)
Ganglion removal
Seborrhoeic keratoses
Skin tags
Spider naevi
Warts and plantar warts


Vasectomy including vasectomy counselling £360

Excision/biopsy of skin lesions £310
Patients wishing to be seen at East Quay Health will first require a letter of referral from their GP.
This can be faxed or posted direct to Karen Sherring.

If you have any queries, please contact our administrator, Karen Sherring on:
Telephone: 01278 440409
9.30 am to 2.30 pm Tuesday to Friday.