Our surgical team was led superbly by Dr Richard Evans from the inception of East Quay Health until he retired in March 2010. Mr Bethune, Dr Charles Pascall and Mr Conrad D’Costa continued this excellent work for many years and now our surgical team are Mr Das and Mr Sharma. All of the surgical team continue to provide sound surgical skills as well as being welcoming and friendly to all our patients. The surgeons are assisted by our theatre nurses: Carole Monaghan – who has been working at East Quay Health since its inception – and Jean Chiddy who joined the team at the same time as Mr Bethune. Carole and Jean provide a welcoming and calming environment to ease patients who may be anxious. Karen Sherring provides all administrative support to the whole team, running the service smoothly and helping patients with any questions they may have. The whole team and the overall service are overseen by Rachel Stark.


Dr Das


Dr Sharma


Carole Monaghan


Jean Chiddy